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Finding Yourself In Transition
February 8, 2017 – March 8, 2017
Wednesdays  11:30 am or 7pm.
Led by: Rev. Becky Whitehead

What a perfect time for a class like this, it is based on the book Finding Yourself in Transition by Rev. Robert Brumet.   Life is filled with constant change. Our ability to recognize, manage and learn from the many personal, social and economic changes that occur in our lives can help us enjoy a higher quality of life and deepen our spiritual understanding. Every change marks a transition from the old to the new. This course will not only help participants understand and manage the phases of transition in their lives, but also see transitions as opportunities for personal transformation and spiritual awakening.
Pick the time that works best for you.
Brenda already has the text in our bookstore, pick up your copy soon.