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The Art & Spirit of Prosperity
May 24th – June 28th, 2017
Rev. Becky Whitehead Facilitating
Wednesdays, 11:30am and 7pm
20.00 Suggested love offering per class session.

Too often when we think of prosperity we think of it in terms of what we have or don’t have or by what we can or cannot do. This causes us to measure our abundance by external circumstances. When we look at abundance as something that occurs outside of ourselves, we will forever find ourselves chasing an illusion of prosperity that simply does not exist. Rather than focusing on what we have or what we wish to do, we can shift our focus on what we choose to be. Placing our focus on “being that which we have come to be” allows us to connect deeply and powerfully with our divine purpose. When we are on purpose and in the flow, everything we need to accomplish that purpose is brought forth to us. This class will be based on the book by master prosperity teacher Edwene Gaines The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity.